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July 25, 2016

Misty can be very risky

Those foggy winter mornings can be lethal for the unaware motorcyclist. Not only is the visibility low but the roads have a thin film of moisture that makes them slipperier than they would be in rain. The painted patches like Zebra Crossings are potential skid pans both for 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers. Avoid riding till the visibility is at least a 100 meters. Even then keep your headlights switched on, keep tapping the brake pedal to blink your brake lights and keep a trafficator on. Remember, yellow and red wavelengths penetrate the farthest in fog and so yellow headlights, blinkers and red brake lights make you the most visible to other road users. Also, keep to the left of the road and don’t hesitate in slowing down as the first doubt of a hazard.

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About Max
MAX will be collectible compilation that serves as a ready reference for any passionate biker who wants to keep in touch with the cerebral aspect of motorcycling. All articles put in here give strong and detailed pointers about riding safe and ensuring that your motorcycle is as much an equal partner in keeping you safe as are your riding skills. The point of such a compilation is to put forward and share details and nuances that comprise the body and soul of motorcycles and motorcycling in a no-nonsense and easy to understand manner. And needless to say, it is not just our prerogative to offer what we know.

New Additions

Science of Motorcycling

The performance of a motorcycle is as much dependent upon its gearing as it is on the engine. The gear ratios are the clincher at times and can raise what could have been a mediocre motorcycle to an exciting one. There’s a lot one can learn about riding and getting the most from our motorcycle by studying its gear ratios in detail. This article takes you through a basic introduction of just that and then a little bit more.

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Do It Yourself

Pulsar Front Brake Pad Replacement
Pulsar Front Brake Pad Replacement
Disc brakes are a boon for the modern motorcyclist. They are powerful, self-adjusting and require little maintenance. However the disc pads are the ones that take the full brunt of braking and do wear out with use. Check out this link to learn about changing disc pads on a Pulsar 220. The procedure for other bikes is more or less the same except for a few minor variations.

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Riding Skills

Motorcycling in Cross Winds
Motorcycling in Cross Winds
We live in an ocean of air that we call the atmosphere. And this air is not static but dynamic i.e. it is in constant movement akin to the waves in the ocean of the liquid kind. Strong air currents are termed ‘wind’ and carry quite a whack with them. Let’s take a closer look at the hazards thus involved and means at hand for countering them.

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Becoming a biker

Motorcycle Braking Basics
Motorcycle Braking Basics
Braking is not just an essential skill for a motorcyclist but is a life saving one. The exact opposite of the throttle, braking is about slowing down and good braking is about slowing down quickly in a controlled manner. There are limits to how quickly you can slow down your bike but usually the unskilled rider is able to use barely a small fraction of a motorcycle’s total braking ability.

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Featured Guide

All About Tyres
The tyres are the soul of a motorcycle, the spirit behind the rider’s skills and the lynchpin of a motorcycle’s capabilities. Tyres are of supreme-most significance for a motorcycle, so much so that the machine should ideally be designed keeping in mind the strengths and limitations of the tyres that will be used on it. Though sadly and ironically, what happens is actually the exact reverse of this. In this edition of xBhp MAX, we take you deep into the world of motorcycle tyres, into a world where science, art and conjecture co-exist and come alive as engineering.

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All About Tyres

Max in the Magazine

Max in the magazine MAX has been an integral part of xBhp magazine right from its first issue in October 2010 and a statement of the commitment that xBhp has towards educating two-wheeler rider amongst its readers towards developing a better understanding of motorcycling as a whole and consequently improving upon their skills and knowledge leading to making them better and safer riders. The range of articles is as wide as it is exhaustive. From detailing about the physics behind motorcycling to detailed analysis of the skills involved. Take a look at all the articles published under the MAX section in the xBhp Magazine till now.

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Few months ago i have bought a brand new R15 V2.The problem is when i try to shift gear to 4th or 5th at 90 to 100 kmph its knocked very soundly and get slow.Seems like the bike is out of fuel or react like not getting any fuel..Nearest customer center of Yamaha is very far from my state.Local mechanics here in my state are not expert enough to rectify this problem..you should let you know that i always change the engine oil as well as oil filter and clean the air filter on a regular interval and using yamalube.

    Now i am in need of advise from you and i have

  2. Good Day !

    I own a Pulsar 180(2012 model). I am looking for some accessories that could improve the bike performance but before that there are 2 maybe-problems I have noticed in my Pulsar 180

    1. When I revv up a bit in IDLE and hold it(for e.g. 1000-2000 rpm) there, the engine doesn’t stay there, It keeps revving up and down even if I don’t move the throttle. Is this supposed to be normal, or would it be a problem.

    2. During my ride, when I have to slow down in traffic(gear down and reduce throttle), the engine stops and I have to manually start it again and resume my ride. (I do it well and this is not due to improper acceleration-clutch imbalance). What can I do here.

    I am looking to install a K&N air filter and new Spark Plugs. Does K&N really improve performance and as its more than 2 years, thinking of changing the spark plugs. Which spark plugs would be the best to increase performance for Pulsar 180.

    (Not sure If this is the right section to ask the question)

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